Google Docs

Collaboration Proof of Concept

Hat tip to Tom Barrett-GCT

Activity 1: Let's Build a Doc Together
  1. Go to:

  2. Add your name to the doc. 

  3. Next to your name, write one sentence identifying how you might use Google Docs with your students.

Activity 2: Group Activity: 
Each team can choose one of the following tasks: 
  • Doc: Write an essay or epic poem about innovative ways you can use Docs in your classroom, school, or district to "go green" and reduce copying, ink & paper.

  • Presentation: Create a visual presentation about what your group would do with a million dollars.

  • Spreadsheet: Create a spreadsheet with innovative ideas for using Google Docs in your classroom, school or district. Each group member should contribute five ideas.
Activity 3
  • Create a Google Form that you can use in your classroom
    • Examples: A way to collect information, an assessment, a survey, a feedback form.