Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets, and Forms

Google Docs

Individual Activity: Making a Doc

Over the course of the day, there may be a number of tools you want to learn more about, or ideas that you will want to explore with others later.  Your personal doc will be your space for notes, links, and anything else you decide to put there.
  • Log into docs and click on New -> Document
  • Immediately type in a few words at the top which can serve as the title.  When the system does its first save, what is there will be the default name of the doc.
  • Jot down a few notes on what you have learned so far, with any ideas on how you could try with your students.
  • If you would like to make this a conversation, invite someone to share your document with you, deciding how to build it together (as is, each of you using different colored text - whatever you wish to try).


Google For Educators - Google Docs:

Resources for Teachers:
The Google Docs Blog is also valuable for picking up the latest tips, tricks, and new features.

Collaborative Activity: Gathering Data Using Forms

  • In a team of 3 to 5 participants, create a form with fun trivia tidbits from your discipline - one or two per person.
  • Share the spreadsheet file with your instructor and everyone on the team as collaborators.
  • Create a simplified URL (TinyUrl, Snip URL, Metamark) in order to easily share the form.
  • Trivia Time!  Winning team wins honor and admiration from the room, and possibly more.
  • How can we use this tool with our students?

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