Cool Tools Duel: Google Edition

Clark County School District Technology Conference - CUE-SN May 8, 2009

Mike Lawrence
, Executive Director, CUE
Dr. Mark Wagner, Professional Development Coordinator, CUE

Search, learn, share! Brought to you by the producers of the Google Teacher Academy, this fun and fast-paced keynote introduces innovative ways Google tools can be used in education. The competitive "duel" will include advanced search techniques, collaborative web-based applications, and inspired instructional strategies. Featured tools will include Google Books, Google Docs, Google Earth, and... even more.

Outline and Links

CUE Intro - Lawrence - , CUEtoYOU Professional Development, Google Workshops for Educators

Google Intro - Wagner -
Google Teacher Academy (applications due July 3!!)

CUE-SN Keynote

Advanced Search
- Lawrence

Google Books - Wagner

Alerts - Lawrence

Scholar - Wagner

Goog-411 - Lawrence

News - Wagner

Earth - Lawrence
Picasa - Wagner

Docs - Lawrence

Self-Grading Quiz - Wagner (Using a Google Docs Form with IF Functions)

And Even More...

Google Teacher Academy Resources - A separate Google Site with much more detailed materials, resources, and links.