Google Maps (and Google Earth)

Presented by Andrew Gardner
The Tools:

Andrew's GLI Google Maps Preso

Google Maps in Other Languages:
Students of foreign languages can be tasked to locate cities, give directions, or create placemarks about museums, shops, geographical features and other cultural practices.
Chinese Maps -
Spanish Maps -
Italian Maps -
Russian Maps -

Google Earth Resources
Download Google Earth
Lesson Plan ideas
Ancient Rome in Google Earth

Google Maps Resources

Our map today. .  .click here
Clean up project . . .
Clustrmaps, why are your visitors from?

General Geography Resources

MY FAVORITE! worldmapping based on demographic data -
Simple movie of profound and interesting geography data - 
Geography videogame -
Easily searchable demographic information -
Free scientific multimedia resource -
Multimedia resource for windows -
Too much consumption, where does it all go? -

NY area Historical maps:

YouTube Video

now go to Googlemaps and search for: Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15212