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Workshop Checklist
  1. Prepare your materials (handouts and online support, including an evaluation) prior to the training.
  2. Test everything and rehearse prior to the training.
  3. Arrive early to setup and greet participants as they arrive.
  4. Start on time by welcoming participants. (Introduce yourself and the topic of the workshop. Include a hook or demo to build interest.)
  5. Provide a welcome activity. (This should get participants thinking, talking, and introducing themselves. It is best if this is related to the topic at hand and to a greater emotional connection beyond the topic.)
  6. Make the presentation exciting and focus on learning by doing.
  7. Use the resources (knowledge and creativity) people bring into the room.
  8. Check for understanding and adjust on the fly.
  9. Wrap up with a reflection activity. (This may be related to the welcome activity, content covered during the event, or participants’ next steps.)
  10. Allow time at the end of the training for the participants to complete the online evaluation. (This should be during the training, not after the end time.)
  11. Be sure participants have your contact information for follow up.
  12. Review the evaluation responses and adjust for the future.