Search, Personalization & Information Literacy

Get EVEN MORE out of Google:

The Crib Sheets

Search Tools (Demo and Do)

Web Search
  • Search Features
    • Weather & Earthquake
    • Public Data (population)
    • Calculator
    • Dictionary
    • ACTIVITY: Be the first team to use these tools to complete Walsh's Whimsy (secret URL to be revealed in time).
  • Advanced Search
    • Safe Search
    • Narrowing Results (form options)
    • Better Quality Results (filetypes: pdf, ppt)
    • More Credible Results (by domain)
    • ACTIVITY: Do a search for your favorite topic and see how far you can improve the results using the techniques above.
Specialized Search (Killer Research Tools)
Multimedia Search
Personalization (i.e. surviving in a world of infinite information)
  • News Alerts
      • Track info related to your school/community
      • Monitor your online presence
      • ACTIVITY: Create news alerts for your school (or workplace) and your name.
  • iGoogle
      • Organize your life with tabs: Now, Maybe, Never
      • Sharing Tabs (great way to push a resource page to students)
      • iGoogle Celebrity Showcase
      • ACTIVITY: Create and populate your own iGoogle page with at least two tabs. Share one of the tabs with your team.

More Search Tools for Teachers

Even More Resources

            Google Teacher Academy Resources from Googler Dan Russel

Google Presentation

Things to Check Out Later:

Google Presentation

More helpful videos:

        Google Learning Institute* Resources from Google Certified Teachers:


*Note: The Google Workshop for Educators was previously called the Google Learning Institute.