Review and More Google Tools

Session 5 Archived Recording Link:

Questions and Review

  • Google Accounts for Students
  • Google Docs
 Google Docs in wikis - How can students update the Docs while in the wiki?
Sharing graded quizes?

  • Google Book Search
  • Google Scholar

  • Custom Search Engine

  • Google Sites
Pros and Cons of building a Google Site versus a wiki

  • Review Google Maps
Getting Started with My Maps
Collaborate on Your Maps
Embed Maps in Your Website
Creating a Placemark
What are some good sites to use to hold online images so they can be added to Google Maps and Earth?
Examples of Uses

  • Review Google Earth

  • Review SketchUp
Overview of Google SketchUp
Part 1 - Concepts (3:08) - A great starter video for anyone trying Google SketchUp.
Part 2 - Drawing Shapes (6:09) - This video covers some of the best practices for drawing shapes in Google SketchUp.
Part 3 - Modify Tools (4:43) - Covers some of the abilities of the push/ pull tool.

Why use Google SketchUp?

  • Using Google Apps in Instruction and Learning

Even More Google Tools

  • The Crib Sheets

  • The Tools

Google Groups
Google Groups - Create simple communities connected via e-mail with shared files and more
Take a quick tour of Google Groups:


Login: Use Your Personal “Google Account”

Email Discussion List:

Setup Tasks:
1. Edit “My membership profile” in the Group
• Set email preferences
2. Click on “Profile” in upper right corner
• Add your bio and picture
• This is seen across ALL your Google Groups
3. Check your personal contact information in the “Pages” section and modify it if required.

Key Features:
Threaded discussions posted to the web and distributed via email.
Find members of the group, including bio and contact information. 
Information and links organized into pages.
Downloadable files shared by the group: Word Docs, images, PDFs, etc.

Google Translate
eBooklet (16 MB PDF File)