Google Workshop for Educators: Online Edition

This page was created to support the CFF Summer Virtual Camps in Pennsylvania during the summer of 2009.

Session Dates/Times:

Number of Sessions: 5

Contact: Mark Wagner: mark@edtechlife.com or (949)-394-6071
Instructor: Linda Nitsche: lvnitsche@gmail.com or (610)-639-2229
Objectives: Participants will learn to use free and powerful Google tools for teaching and learning.

Final Proof-of-Concept Projects (Begin Week 1 - DUE Week 5)

Each participant will complete a series of projects related to the specific Google application presented each week. These projects will serve the purpose of engaging participants in working with the different Google tools as well as provide the opportunity to create products that will serve as a model of something teachers and/or students would use. Ideally, it will also be something the participant will actually implement. Projects will be shared with the entire class.
The projects include: Custom Search Engine, Collaborative Doc, Google Form and Self-grading Quiz, Blog, Google SIte, and Google Map/Earth Favorite Places. Details for each project are listed on each session page.