Google Calendar

The Calendar segment will focus on organizing campus activities such as use of athletic fields and teacher sign-ups for libraries and computer labs... not to mention creation of an up-to-date central repository of all staff meetings and other school events, including ASB and PTA calendars (and how to share these with the staff and/or community).

The Tool

        Google Calendar


        Create a Calendar
        Share a Calendar
        Subscribe to a Calendar
        Calendar Settings
        Settings (for All Calendars)
        Mobile Setup (Optional)


Sync with Other Calendars

Activity: Collaboratively create a "master" school calendar.

        Note: I recommend keeping your original calendar as a personal (or professional) individual calendar.
        Each team member will create a new school-related calendar such as:
  • Staff Meetings
  • School Events
  • Athletic Fields
  • The Library
  • Computer Labs
  • ASB
  • PTA
Others in the group will subscribe to the various calendars to create their own "Master Calendar."
Experiment with different permissions on calendars... so others can create events (or not).
One person from each team will share their "Master Calendar" with the large group.

Note: After the activity, feel free to unsubscribe from the calendars created today, so that they don't clutter up your "real" calendar.

Bonus Functions

Bonus: Embed multiple calendars in one page!     
Bonus: Schedule multiple resources in one calendar (only in Apps: Education Edition).

Additional Resources

YouTube Video

See the entire "How To Use Google Calendar" playlist on YouTube (for Google Apps users).
See also the Google Calendar videos in this Google Tutorials playlist.