Google Apps for Administrators

Here are some of the things I have done this year using Google tools
to make my administrative life easier.

1) All of our co-curricular assignments were completed on a Google
spreadsheet that I shared with the teachers using the 'invitations can
be used by anyone' option when sharing.

2) All of our sporting events, facilities rentals, performing arts
center rentals and usage and site facilities usage are all on
different Google Calendars.  We share these calendars with specific
people, but some like myself, the Plant Manager, my administrative
assistant, the Athletic Director and the Student Activities director
have access to all of the calendars, where we can load all at one time
to look for potential conflicts from a variety of facilities being
used at the same time and our resources being spread thin.

3) I used a Google Form to have teachers fill out absence reports for
Summer School, so we can document teachers calling home prior to
dropping students for the summer session.  I also used a Google Form
to poll the staff on special training that could be used for our
emergency plan.  I was able to print out the spreadsheet and put it in
our readiness binder to show the local authorities.

4) I created a presentation with video embedded for our teachers to
use to train themselves to administer the state mandated testing.
This became a very effective method of training the teachers and it
gave us more time in faculty meetings to do other things.

Kyle Brumbaugh