Google Docs

Learning Goals
  1. Understand how Google Docs is similar to, and different from, traditional computer-based office suites
  2. Successfully edit an EXISTING Google doc (one shared with you)
  3. Successfully create an individual doc/spreadsheet/presentation (and share it)
  4. Successfully contribute to a group doc/spreadsheet/presentation (in real time)
  5. Understand PERSONAL/PROFESSIONAL uses & applications
  6. Understand CLASSROOM uses & applications
  7. Review available RESOURCES for further learning
Google Docs: The Absolute Basics
Activity 1: Accessing/Editing a Shared Document - BEHOLD THE POWER OF THE GOOGLE!
  • Essential question: when is 1 + 1 > 2? How does working "together, online" change the classroom or workpace dynamic?
  • Click here: then enter your name and a sentence or two explaining how you see working "together, online" impacting your classroom or workplace dynamic. Change the color of the text and/or the highlighting to something not used previously.
  • Discussion: observe a) simultaneous edits b) lag in updates c) active editors listed at bottom d) revisions e) simplicity of editing interface. Opinions? Implications?
Activity 2: Create & Share a Document
  • Essential question: how could you use a collaborative, simultaneous writing tool save you time?
  • Go to Docs Home:
  • Click New, then Document
  • Enter a title like this: GWE YOUR NAME and enter a sentence or two explaining how you might use Google Docs either as a teacher or with your students.
  • Share it with me - click Share then Share with Others and be sure to check both boxes under Advanced Permissions, then enter my email address: and press the SEND button on the window that opens up.
  • Also share it with a neighbor of your choosing here in this workshop.
  • Open the documents that have been shared with you.

Example Classroom Use- 8th Grade IPS Project
Example Professional Use
  • Curriculum Writing
  • Meeting Agendas & Action Steps
  • Status Reports
  • Articulation meetings
  • What else?
Activity 3: Produce a Collaborative Presentation
  • Click here: then add a slide to the presentation and details about yourself, including a picture if one is available (we can take one here and upload it).
  • Change fonts, colors, add images, etc.
  • When we are finished, we will 'present' the presentation and participants will join in via chat
  • Discussion: what are the limitations, if any, of Google Docs? How can these be managed in your classroom?

Activity 4: Produce a Google Form (make your own survey)

Activity 5: Google Spreadsheet (time permitting)
  • Let's revisit the "Who are we" spreadsheet
  • Observe the data layout & differences vs. Microsoft Excel
  • Click "Form" then "Show Summary" and answer these questions:
    • What is the most common role of our attendees today?
    • How many work in Elementary (PreK - 5)
    • How many work in Middle (6-8)
    • How many work in High School?
  • Click "Add Sheet" (bottom left) then click the blue triangle pointing down and 'Rename' it with your first name and last initial.
    • Go to that sheet and copy the contents of Column B "First Name" into a column on your new sheet.
    • Do the same thing for Column F "How many years have you worked in education?" onto a new column on your new sheet.
    • Create a formula that calculates the average years of experience in education.
    • Create a chart of the data
Wrap Up
  • Comments? Questions?


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