Geo Apps: Maps, Earth & SketchUp

The Crib Sheets:

GWE - Geo

The Tools:

Google Maps

Google Earth

Overview: Google Maps

Search & Get Directions
Satellite View, Terrain View, & Traffic
Street View
More... (Photos, Videos, Wikipedia, Webcams)
My Maps: Browse & Create
Google Maps Help

 Activity 1:
           Go to this Custom Map.
           Add some custom points of interest.  Write a short witty phrase about how and why that place is important. 
Find those places on Google Maps, label them with an appropriate icon. 
1) Your hometown
2) The school where you teach
3) A place that you could use in class to elaborate on an idea or concept
4) A place where you have eaten your best meal
5) A place where you've had a great adventure

Bonus Points:  Add pictures, videos, and interesting icons

           Convert this to a Google Earth Layer.

Overview: Google Earth
Solar System

Classroom Applications

Activity 2:
Explore the layers inside of Google Earth or download it if you haven't.  Check out some the of links below for ideas on how to integrate Google Earth into your lessons.

My Maps Tutorial

Check these out:
The Official LatLong Blog:
Google Earth Blog:
Google Earth Greatest Hits:
Google Earth Community:
Add Audio to Google Earth Placemarks:

Classroom Projects:
Here are some collaborative projects we have already started.  We are always looking for other classes to join us.  Check us out and join in at any time.
American Explorers -,-96.240234&spn=37.880586,59.589844&t=h&z=4&om=1  
Clean Watersheds -
Environmental I-Reports -
Expedition Lit Trips -
Google Lit Trips -
How to build a Lit Trip - PDF
Map Your Clean Up -
Our Lost Children -
Poetry of Place -
Trace Your Trash -
Earth Science in My Maps:,-23.203125&spn=143.093947,360&z=2
Real World Math:

For fun:  Plug-in Required:
Land the Eagle from Apollo 11:
Share a Google Earth image in your web browser:
Turns Google Earth into an interactive game:
Driving Simulator:
Monster Milktruck:



Sketchup Overview