Day One Reflection

Google Workshop Participants will:

  • Share their new learnings at their home school. 
  • Actively participate in the Google Workshop for Educators Network Online Community.
  • Develop a "Personal Action Plan" or a top three ideas on how they will incorporate Google Tools into their teaching practice.
  • Develop a Proof-of-Concept Project on the second day of the workshop. (see details below)

Details of the Personal Action Plan/Proof-of-Concept Project

1.       As you participate in the tech tool rotations and other activities today, consider which of the tools you might want to explore in more depth on day two of the Google Workshop for Educators.

2.       Your Personal Action Plan will be developed as a reflection of day one.  You will need to come up with your “Top 3” Google ideas to explore throughout the next school year.  Try to be as specific as you can so that you have goals with a plan!

What are your Top 3 Google ideas to explore over the next school year?
Please complete your Personal Action Plan Here!