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Overview (with Links to Help Pages)

Group Activity
  1. Who are we? Enter Information on this form
  2. How do we see the data? Click here to see our data
  3. What can we do with the data?
Individual Activity
  1. Create a document or presentation.
  2. Share the document with a neighbor and with me (so I can show it).
  3. Take a look at the Insert Menu. What are some of the things you put in your document?
  4. What are two ways you might use a Google Doc for at your school?
  5. Name and Save your document. Create a folder and put your document in the folder.
  6. Color your folder.
  7. Browse the Template Gallery
Create a self-grading quiz!
  1. Take the self grading quiz
  2. Take a look at how it's set up
  3. In a small group, create a three question quiz using a Google Form.
  4. Solicit sample answers from other participants.
  5. Create an IF formula for each question to "grade" the question. (Each IF formula needs to be in a new column.)
  6. Fill Down so that the IF formulas you've written can "grade" all the responses at once!
  7. Advanced: Create a SUM formula to total up the total score for each person that took the quiz. Then create another formula to calculate the percentage. Finally, create a nested IF formula to convert the percentages to letter grades!
  8. Time Permitting: Share your quiz with the lead learner. Links to the quizes will be added below.
  9. Help: How to Create a Self Grading Quiz Using Google Forms
Help and Tutorials
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Google Docs in Plain English

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Google Spreadsheet Charts