Even More . . .

Activity: Jigsaw
  1. Decide which of the tools not already covered you most want to learn more about. 
  2. Join others who have selected to learn about the same tool.
  3. Learn all you can in the time alloted - be sure to focus on how the tool might be used in an educational context.
  4. Return to the group to share what you learned.
The Crib Sheets:

The Tools:

If there's time, bring It All Together With iGoogle
What is iGoogle? Learn about iGoogle's history and features, courtesy of Wikipedia. iGoogle

Activity 2: Build Your Own iGoogle Page 
Create your own iGoogle page.
Advanced: Share a tab with other participants. (This is great for sharing resources with your students!)
More Google services to check out when you have a chance. 

Google Groups and entry into the Google Workshop for Educators Network 

To access even more Google services, 

Step 1: Login into your Google Account

Step 2: Click more and Select even more>>

Step 3: Click on one of the icons.