Google Sites will make your lives collaborative!

GWE 2009 Google Sites

Resources to help you when you are alone!

The Tool:

The Crib Sheet
Google Sites

The Presentation:  Sites for the Classroom, Sites for a Project, Sites for the Administration

The Resources you need to make your own site!:

Google Produced Resources

GCT Produced Resources

Exemplar Google Sites

Tips and Tricks

This side is for NOW.

Activity: Hands on.
 In the next 45 minutes you will create your own Google Site, embed one of the
items you made today and leave with a published webpage!

  • Create a site during this session as a proof of concept.
  • Add a YouTube video to your page.
  • Insert an image to your page.
  • Embed something from another session to your google site.
  • Create a new page.
  • Locate your navigation and learn how to manage and publish.
  • Collaborate on your site, learn how to invite!

The quick tutorial: This opens in a new window so you can follow along as you
create your own site!
We will view this tutorial site, the modules so you can have a quick and easy reference for your learning.

Staff Development Sites Ideas

  • Hub for staff development activities/handouts
  • Workshop resources
  • Lesson collections
  • Archive of workshops staff have attended

Classroom Sites are great for:

  • Group collaboration
  • Project outcome
  • Research
  • Hub for teacher/class
  • Portfolios
  • News
  • Surveys
  • Calendars

Other Ways to Use Sites

  • Communication hub for school
  • Activity or athletic web site
  • Online curriculum fair

Management Tips with Sites, Apps and Students
  •   A teacher makes a site and invites the students
  •  The students can then collaborate and add to the site
  •  The site can be published and shared with the world
Just for Fun
The latest news flash from Google Sites!
The secret to a secure site  add the   HTTPS

Final Activity:
Share your Google Site with others! For those of you from Maine this is an old SEED trick where you share your project with others by taking over the projector!

Brainstorm other ideas!

Whew, did you make it?

Be sure to share and invite others
to help you. Co-llaborate