What is it?

The set of applications often simplified as just, "Docs," is like Microsoft Office, only it's 1) far better priced, 2) always giving you the most updated file, 3) much more collaborative, and 4) gets better all the time.  It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the expensive stuff, but what it doesn't have may appear tomorrow in its tools!

The Set (Brief Demo)
  • Google Docs
    • Docs - word processing
    • Presentations - slides-a-plenty
    • Spreadsheets - for the bean counter in all of us
    • Forms - get feedback, already organized for you

Getting Help

Activity #1: Giving this a try
  • Please complete this survey
  • View and discuss the results
  • Demonstration: Self Grading Quiz (your answers to the Google Question will be graded)

Activity #2
: Applying what we have covered so far
  • Doc: Write a paragraphy about Jacksonville (write it as a travel pitch, try to include at least one image)
  • Presentation: Create a brief presentation about Florida (try to include at least one image and one type of multimedia)
  • Spreadsheet: Create a spreadsheet outlining important or useful data about five different topics on Florida (population changes, weather, etc. Try publishing your results in a graph or chart.)
  • Form: Create a quiz on fun facts about Bishop Kenny HS (Try to make at least one of the questions a self grading question.)
Work together as a collaborative team to complete your task and be prepared to share with the group.  Feel free to invite any or all of us as collaborators so that we may assist or work with you on the project.  We will finish up with a brief discussion on the educational and pedagogical applications of using google docs.  I also have one quick story for you.

Useful Tutorials and information on Google Docs

Google Docs in Plain English

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