Hope for Teaching and Learning

  • What is it that brought us into teaching in the first place?
  • Which moments are the ones that remind us that our work is always meaningful?
  • How do we inspire the students for whom we are responsible?
  • In what ways can technology connect us to our strengths as teachers?

 My goal is to get the day started by having us look beyond our everyday annoyances and even the flashy tools, and on to what comes from our willingness to explore new possibilities with our students.  I'll tell some stories, show a tool or two, and tell you about resources that may be completely new to you.  On the subject of resources, I'll also invite anyone interested to give my little save-the-world nonprofit's newsletter a try, and will reward your friendliness with a wealth of free resources.  I'll do that, as long as I can read your e-mail address!

My bio in Twitter format (find me at http://twitter.com/rushtonh):

Born Texan; lived in Singapore, Australia, and Japan; teach Japanese and video; love Tabitha and our cats Gordita, Flaka, and Chiquita; founder of NextVista.org

Done, and with three characters to spare!  Forgot to mention that I juggle, though.

Those interested in some freebies right now, feel free to give a page I use in some of my workshops a look.

Curious about my attempt to save the world from ignorance?  Give the following a click and a look:

The above is a QuickTime file, but I can also shamelessly promote my ideas in a wmv file.

Rushton Hurley
e-mail: rh (at) nextvista.org