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The Tools
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The Crib Sheets

Overview of Maps
  • Search & Get Directions
  • Satellite View, Terrain View, & Traffic
  • Street View
  • More... (Photos, Videos, Wikipedia, Webcams)
  • My Maps: Browse & Create
  • Google Maps Help

Activity: Collaborative "Favorite Places" Map
  1. Using your Google Account, the Lead Learner will invite you as a collaborator on our "Favorite Places map.
  2. Add a place marker identifying your favorite place - this could be anywhere in the world. 
  3. Add content to the place marker using the rich text editing tools.
  4. Advanced: Add an image or other media to the place marker using the HTML editor.
  5. Bonus Points for including an image of yourself in addition to your other content.
  6. Explore some of your colleagues' favorite places!

Brief Demonstration of Google Earth and of Google Sketchup


More Resources

General Geography Resources 

Note: Even you can contribute images to the google maps and google earth library:


Integration Resources

23 Interesting Ways to Use Google Earth in the Classroom - Tom Barrett, a teacher in England started it,  several others around the world have contributed to it.

Visit Google for Educators: Google Earth.

Tons of Education-specific content is available right in the Google Earth application in the PLACES section of the Google Earth sidebar by clicking the ADD CONTENT link i or by clicking here.

Google offers "tons" of educational integrations for Google Earth integrations here.

Need help with Google Earth in your classroom? Check out the Google Educators Discussion Group. (Google Earth Search Results)

Google Earth Resoruces

Download Google Earth here.
Explore Google's, Google Earth Product Tour videos.
Get Google Earth for your iPhone FREE!
Be sure to subscribe to the Google Earth Sightseers Newletter!
Check out Google's Lat Long Blog

Other Applications

Here are some application that you can use and then embed in Google Maps and Earth.


GTACO SketchupSession
Google Sketchup Blog:
Books: Sketchup For Dummies
    The official site to accompany the book is here
Sketchup Video Tutorials
Sketchup Training
Aidan Chopra's You Tube Channel

Quick Reference

Additional Information: Educational Applications
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