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There are lots of great resources out there for organizations interested in learning more about Google Apps for your Domain.  Here's a handful relevant to this GTA presentation.

Google-based resources

Google recently revamped their Google Apps Admin help center, with lots of great links and resources.  Here's the link to the deployment homepage for educational institutions, and (one of my favorite sub-pages) here's a link to training videos for many specific uses of the various apps.  On the deployment homepage, they offer full step-by-step explanations on how to migrate your current domain, and then extensive support for your implementation.

Watershed School and Google Apps
The Watershed School is now a little over two years into our full implementation of Google Apps Education Edition.  Due to the large volume of interest I get in our work, I put together this site which consolidates many of the best resources I have available to share with interested schools.
Just a reminder...

Google Presentation