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Introduction to Google Calendar for the Casual User
"It doesn't seem to matter how hard I pound on this screw it won't work.
My hammer must be broken."

Activity 1

Create a personal Calendar

Step 1
Go into your calendar and spend some time entering in your weekly schedule as reoccurring events.  Remember to add appropriate end dates.

Step 2

Review your real two week calendar, be it paper,  PDA, or whatever is available (hopefully its not on an Outlook calendar on a computer far away from here!).  Add as many one-time events as you can.  Add reminders (and invitees) as relevant.

Step 3
Review the calendar regularly, and then forget about it!

Activity 2 (time permitting)

Create a School Master Calendar

Step 1
Form a group of 3.  Nominate one person to create a school "Master Calendar"

Step 2
Take on various roles in the school and add relevant events. 
  • Office Manager:  Add school holidays and breaks.  Add staff B-days. 
  • Principal: Add staff meetings, development days, and supervisory meetings.
  • Athletic Coordinator: Add Basketball and Wrestling matches.  Add practice schedules.

Even More


Sync with Other Calendars