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Google Docs

Google Docs and Spreadsheets

"Adding together the expected cost of data recovery ($1,150) to the expected loss of productivity ($1,750), we calculate an average cost of a data loss episode as $2,900. Once again, this assumes that the data is retrievable."
Data Loss and Hard Drive Failure: Understanding the Causes and Costs, Smith & Williams, Graziadio School of Business, Pepperdine University

What is it?

Activity (Chat)

Step 1
Log into our Google Presentations Chat

Step 2
Talk behind my back while I demonstrate Google Docs, Presentations and Templates.  Maybe you can help answer each others' questions?

Activity (Docs)

Step 1:
Form a group of three people.  Nominate one person to create a blank Google Document.  The first individual should then share it with ONE other person in the group.  That person should then share it with the third person in the group.  That person should share it with the Lead Learner (pavicich@gmail.com).

Step 2
Play with the document within your group, trying to get the feel of how the software updates and works in near real-time.  Explore the menus across the top, and try to find a feature that you either a) use often in your usual word processor or b) wish you'd use more often.

Step 3
Work together to make your document illustrate the three features each of you picked in step 2.  Be creative, and realize that you can add short explanations and use content you find on the web.   Spend a few minutes formatting it to look clean and organized.  Work as a team.

Questions for Reflection:
  1. What worked well?  What didn't?
  2. If you use this in your classroom/office, what is the FIRST use you'd put Google Docs to?

Activity (Forms)

Step 1
Create a new form.  In 5 minutes, come up with at least 5 questions you'd like to ask someone else in the class.  These can be questions about your experiences at the workshop today, background in technology, hobbies and interests, or really anything at all.  Try and use at least 3 different question types.  If you are feeling adventurous, you can look at some of the features

Step 2
Remember our chat room?  Go back into the presentations chat room and post your survey.  Then take as many of the surveys posted by others in the class.

Step 3
Go back into your original survey and review the results. 

Questions for Reflection:
  1. What worked well?  What didn't?
  2. How could you use forms in your work?

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 Make Google Docs More Secure
Http is an insecure protocol. Https is secure. Be sure to always use https when accessing Google Docs on a public network (or any network for additional security).

Method 1 - Simply type an "s" at the end of "http" when you connect to Google Docs to force a secure connection. You can then bookmark https://docs.google.com for future secure access.

Method 2 -
For users of Gmail, go to Settings, look for Browser Connection, and select "Always use https" - then always launch Docs from the link at the top of the Gmail page. This will force Docs to open using https as well.

Method 3 - For administrators of a Google Apps: Education Edition domain, you can require all users in the domain to use https by Enabling SSL for your domain.

Emergency Link.  Use in case of Emergency.
Click here when you believe there is something that you just have to open up Word to do

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