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"We want to make sure the thing you're looking for is on Google 100 percent of the time."
Eric Schmidt, CEO Google

Pearls Before Swine
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Lucy' Grays Most Excellent Search Presentation

Cory's Excerpts from Lucy Gray's Most Excellent Search Presentation

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Google's Most Excellent Search Curriculum

Google Web Search - Classroom Lessons and Resources

The Activity:

Google Search Scavenger Hunt
In pairs, please find answers to as many of the following prompts as possible.  The goal is to not only find the answer, but to find them in the LEAST number of Google Searches.  Please talk through each search with your partner before searching, and then record on a separate document EACH search term you use, as well as how many searches each question required.  There is no reason to do these in order.  Go after the ones you find most interesting.

After 15 minutes we will come back together as a group and compare our various search strategies as a group.

  1. 3456 + 78091 =
  2. 780459 - 3791 =
  3. What's the equivalent of $20 in the currency of the Czech Republic?
  4. What is the Internet convention called that predicts that every extended disagreement will eventually talk about Hitler and/or Nazis?
  5. What is this place called?
  6. Find a program that can open a Video Compact Disk.
  7. Prove this essay is plagiarized.
  8. Your miniature dachshund just ate half a hostess chocolate cupcake.  It's Christmas and you can't go to/call a vet.  What do you do?
  9. In Boulder Colorado people used to annually gather and do a particular exercise while wearing only a pair of shoes and one other item.  What is this item, and what part of the body does it cover on Men?  On Women?
  10. How fast can a swallow (that is not carrying anything) move through the air?
  11. Who built this? (Hint: it's located in Colorado)
  12. How much was the amount of the initial check given to Larry Page and Sergay Brin to start Google (After they left Stanford)?

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