The Crib Sheet:

The Tool: (an overview and examples from an actual classroom)

Activity 1:  Who are we?
  1. Complete this survey.
  2. View the results.
  3. Answer the additional questions on the line with your name.
  4. Watch what happens as more people begin to edit.
  5. Start your own form that you can use in your classroom.

Activity 2: Google Docs in Action

Each team will be assigned one of the following tasks: 
  • Doc: Write an essay or epic poem about your favorite teachers (or students) (bonus pts for including images)
  • Presentation: Create a visual presentation about what you would do with a million dollars (bonus points for multimedia)
  • Spreadsheet: Create a spreadsheet of 5 different fun stats on the people in your group (bonus points for creating a chart or graph)
  • Form: Create a fun quiz with at least 5 different types of questions (bonus points for making it "self grading")
  1. Teams have 10 minutes to collaboratively complete the task.
  2. Make sure you share the doc with everyone on your team and also with
  3. One member of each small group will present the file to the large group in 2 min or less.
  4. Large group brainstorm: How can you immediately use Docs?

Google For Educators - Google Docs:

Resources for Teachers:
The Google Docs Blog is also valuable for picking up the latest tips, tricks, and new features. Also, check out

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