"We want to make sure the thing you're looking for is on Google 100 percent of the time.
Eric SchmidtCEO Google

Get EVEN MORE out of Google:

GWE Search Overview

The Crib Sheets

Search Tools (Demo and Do)

Web Search
  • Search Features- Google Search Cheat Sheet
    • Weather & Earthquake
    • Public Data (population)
    • Calculator
    • Dictionary
    • Sports Scores
    • Food Options
    • Movies
    • Show Options: Wonder Wheel, Timeline, 
  • Advanced Search
    • Safe Search
    • Locking Safe Search
    • Narrowing Results (form options)
    • Better Quality Results (filetypes: pdf, ppt)
    • More Credible Results (by domain)
    • ACTIVITY: Do a search for your favorite topic and see how far you can improve the results using the techniques above.
Specialized Search (Killer Research Tools)

More Search Tools for Teachers

Create a Custom Search Engine

Mobile Search

                                          Google Presentation

                                          Google Presentation


                                          *Note the Google Workshop for Educators used to be called the Google Learning Institute.

                                          More helpful videos:
                                          Things to Check Out Later:

                                          Google Search...Even More!
                                          Google Goggles, Real Time Search, Instante On the Go Translation, Google Favorite Places, Search Results by Customized Location,