Lead Learner:

Kyle Brumbaugh
Administrative Vice Principal
Woodside High School
199 Churchill Avenue
Woodside, CA 94062
(650_367-9750 x4307
Twitter: brumbaugh
Facebook: www.facebook.com/brumbaugh

Welcome Slides:

GWE Welcome Merced County Office

Welcome Activity:

This welcome activity will give you an opportunity to meet and connect with the people in your team. Think of it as "speed dating" for geeky educators! It is also meant to help you kick start your innovative thinking for the day - with a clear focus on learning. So stretch your mind and exercise your creativity. :)

Follow the instructions below to complete the activity... and make an innovation connection!
  1. Listen carefully to the instructions. This should take two minutes or less.
  2. Think of as many examples of innovation in education that you can. For this exercise, the innovation should not involve computers, gadgets, or anything "techie." The example doesn't need to be something you've done yourself. Perhaps it's something one of your teachers did when you were a student or something you've seen one of your colleagues (or heroes) do.  Think fast, write everything down and prepare to share. You have about two minutes.
  3. Pair up with one of your teammates and share your examples. When one partner is sharing, the other should cross out any duplicate examples. You will have one minute each to share any of your remaining examples and any story behind it (for a total of two minutes together).
  4. Pair up with another team. Continue to share your remaining innovations and cross out any duplicate entries.  You have two minutes to complete your sharing. 
  5. As a group list any remaining innovations that are unique from the four members of the group.
  6. Select a representative from your team to share each example with the large group. Each team will have 2 minutes to share.

Before We Go On... A Word About Google Apps: Education Edition