The Crib Sheets:

Google News
Bonus: Posters for your classroom.

15 Second Search Tips Videos (from Google)

The Tools:

Web Search

Our Activities:

Working with operators
  • Search Features
    • Weather
    • Earthquake
    • Public Data (population)
    • Calculator
    • Dictionary
    • ACTIVITY: Together let's see if we can search and find the following as quickly as possible
      • What is the weather forecast for today in Alice Springs, Australia?
      • Where did the two most recent earthquakes occur and what was their magnitude?
      • What is the current population of Pennsylvania?
      • Find the answer to this mathematical problem 1 + 10 * 45 ^2 -251
      • The definition of the word Hegemony
Working with filetype and refining results
  • Advanced Search
    • Safe Search
    • Narrowing Results (form options, timeline, wonderwheel)
    • Better Quality Results (filetypes: pdf, ppt)
    • More Credible Results (by domain)
    • ACTIVITY: Together let's research the Taj Mahal, following the above protocol to find more specific information
    • ACTIVITY#2: Perform your own specialized of a topic within your content area.  See if you can find a credible and useful pdf, word document, or powerpoint.



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