The Crib Sheets:


The Tools: (brief demo)

Overview: Google Maps (workshop outline)

  • Search & Get Directions
  • Satellite View, Terrain View, & Traffic
  • Street View
  • More... (Photos, Videos, Wikipedia, Webcams)
  • My Maps: Browse & Create
  • Google Maps Help

Activity: Collaborative "Favorite/Wish List Places" Map

  1. Access to our collaborative map is here.
  2. Add a place marker identifying your favorite place. 
  3. Add content to the place marker using the rich text editing tools.
  4. Advanced: Change the icon
  5. Even more advanced: Add an image or other media to the place marker using the HTML editor.
  6. Explore some of your colleagues favorite places...

GWE Sioux Falls, SD 2-4

Grapes Of Wrath

Kite Runner

Create A My Map With Google Maps

Street View: Behind The Scenes

Additional Street View Resources Are Located Here

Curriculum Integration Ideas
Projects: Google Maps in Other Languages:

Reference URL's

Google Lat-Long Blog

Google Maps on Twitter

Google Maps API

Google Maps Gone Wild

Google Maps Mania Blog

Google Maps- City Tours

Historical Map Collections

If you have an Android Phone

Sky Map

My Tracks

Edit Your "My Maps"

The Sketchup Google Site I have set up is here

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