Welcome to the 2010 Sioux Falls Google Workshop for Educators!

Today you'll be working with three Google Certified Teachers:
  • Rushton Hurley, Santa Clara, California (rushton@gmail.com)
  • Ken Shelton, Los Angeles, California (chocxtc@gmail.com)
  • Christine Archer-Davidson, Aurora, Colorado (carcherdavison@gmail.com)
I should note that there are GCT's who come from states that start with letters other than 'C'.

Why are we doing this today?

Lost Generation

Let's get a little background:

GWE Welcome Sioux Falls SD Feb 2010

Welcome Activity:

Follow the instructions below to complete the activity... and make an innovation connection!
  1. Think of the best example of innovation in education that you can. For this exercise, the innovation should not involve computers, gadgets, or anything "techie." The example doesn't need to be something you've done yourself. Perhaps it's something one of your teachers did when you were a student or something you've seen one of your colleagues (or heroes) do.  Think fast, and prepare to share. You have about two minutes.
  2. Pair up with one of your teammates and share your example. When one partner is sharing, the other can ask a question, but shouldn't "take over" the conversation. You will have one minute each to share your example and any story behind it (for a total of two minutes together).
  3. Be prepared to share your example.  We'll move quickly.