Now what...
After taking in all this new information, sort of like putting your mouth around a fire hydrant and turning it on high...what should you do with all this new knowledge?


Personal Action Plan

First, make a list of your BIG 3!
What are your top 3 Google ideas that you want to explore this year?


GWE in 3 Words

Wordle Activity...
After our GWE participants complete the "In 3 words" form above, we will create a Wordle word cloud to share our responses.  The Wordle, from will be posted below.


Google Learning Network

Join the Google Workshop for Educators Google Group

Click on "edit your membership" in the right column.  Select Abridged Email

Post your answers to the following questions...

  • What was your "Aha!" moment of  the GWE?
  • How will it change your teaching when you return to your school?

For Laughs

YouTube Video