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Overview: Google Maps (workshop outline)

  • Search & Get Directions
  • Satellite View, Terrain View, & Traffic
  • Street View
  • More... (Photos, Videos, Wikipedia, Webcams)
  • My Maps: Browse & Create
  • Google Maps Help

Your project for this workshop is to access our collaborative map and input a placemark on a location in which you have had a vacation or would like to vacation. We will then modify the placemark by adding the following content: text, images, video.  You will also be modifying the placemark itself.  Time permitting we will create a short walking tour of no more than one mile at our vacation location and input useful content along the route.

Our collaborative map can be found here

CUE- GWE Advanced

The Palm Springs Convention Center

Google Map

View Larger Map

How To Create A My Map using Google Maps

Street View: Behind The Scenes

Additional street view resources can be found here

And if the above wasn't enough, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) has the following with Google Maps

UNESCO Discover World Heritage Sites

UNESCO World Heritage Sites Video

Street View at the Winter Olympic Games

Whistler Creekside Street View

Link to gallery page is here

Curriculum Integration Ideas
Projects: Google Maps in Other Languages:
Google Maps at the Winter Olympics here

Reference URL's

Google Lat-Long Blog

Google Maps on Twitter

Google Maps API

Google Maps Gone Wild

Google Maps Mania Blog

Google Maps- City Tours

Historical Map Collections

100 Virtual Educational Tours

How does google maps work

Link to the sketchup session