Google Sites

What we've been using all day to organize and store our resources has been a Google Site!

"Crib Sheet" for Google Sites

Google Sites by Molly Schroeder

Templates for Sites

Help Using Templates

Google Sites "Cheat Sheets" by Molly Schroeder

Activity: Create YOUR Site

A few questions . . . .

Would you be more likely to create sites to use with your students or to have students create their own sites?

What would you create a site for?

For what purpose(s) might you have students create sites?

Create your own site.  Be clear about the following:
  • Who is your audience?  For what purpose(s) will they use your site?
  • What is the subject matter to be covered or approached using this site?
  • What types of media or other apps might you embed in your site?  (Why?)
  • What is the benefit of using a Google Site for this, rather than some other tool?