GWE for Beginners - CUE in Palm Springs

Below is the agenda that we will be following on Thursday, March 4th:

Welcome and Overview


Geo Apps (with Earth and Maps)
Even More

eBooklet (PDF File)
Online Evaluation

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This workshop could not be done without the commitment & continued work of 
Google Certified Teachers from around the world.  

Google Workshop for Educators - Beginning/Overview

Session A14
Thursday, 8:30 am - 3:30 pm
Palm Springs Convention Center
Mesquite F

Bring Your Own Laptop!

Jim Sill
Google Certified Teacher
El Diamante High School
Visalia, CA
mistersill (Twitter)

A few things that will help...
  • Your group (get emails/share a doc)
  • Use Firefox or Chrome
  • Learn to open a new tab in your browser (ctrl+T)
  • Come back to this page...a lot!
  • (

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GWE CUE in Palm Springs - Getting to Know You