The Geo Apps - Maps and Earth

The Tools:

Activity: Create A Multi-Media Map 
I have shared a custom map and invited you as collaborators.
  • Add a marker for your favorite place(s)
  • EXTRA:
    • Change the Icon
    • Embed text and media into the markers, including:
    • Text
    • Links
    • Images
    • Video (use the embed code)
    • Other, such as a Google Doc, Form, or Presentation
Google Maps Tutorial
Google Earth Tutorial & Resources
Integration Ideas:

The map of our favorite places:

Google Map

Google's collection of favorite places around the world.

Favorite Ways to Use Geo Apps:
*Big thanks to Google Certified Teacher, Chris Walsh, for some of these links. 

Walking Tour of Pairs

Love these:

And something fun... Sampsonia Way:

YouTube Video

Now go to Googlemaps and search for: Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15212.

Also, Secret Images of Google Earth

YouTube Video

* Pretty Cool!

Oh, so funny!
Google Maps (Part I of "The Googling")

The Googling