• Find a partner
  • Choose one person to create a site initially.
  • Browse for the template called "site training 2 ".  Be sure to use this.
  • Share site with other group members and share site with  Make sure they are owners and not just collaborators.
  • Choose two pages from the site that you want to complete
  • Proceed to that page and do the assigned tasks
  • First person done comes back to this home page to complete tasks
  • Share what you learned with each other
  • A representative from each group will share their site with the large group. (Time Permitting)

The Tool:

The Crib Sheet:

Google Produced Resources

GCT Produced Resources

Exemplar Google Sites

Tips and Tricks

Staff Development Sites Ideas

  • Hub for staff development activities/handouts
  • Workshop resources
  • Lesson collections

Classroom Sites are great for:

  • Group collaboration
  • Project outcome
  • Research
  • Hub for teacher/class
  • Portfolios

Other Ways to Use Sites

  • Communication hub for school
  • Activity or athletic web site
  • Online curriculum fair
Management Tips with Sites, Apps and Students
  • Add teacher as collaborator immediately
  • Create a site category that all students put in to reflect topic
  • Have students move or delete their own site prior to end of school year
  • Add personal email account as collaborator as well to the sites you create
  • Add an "s" after http to make the site secure

Just for Fun