Our Activities:

Working with operators
  • Search Features
    • Weather
    • Earthquake
    • Public Data (population)
    • Calculator
    • Dictionary
    • ACTIVITY: Together let's see if we can search and find the following as quickly as possible
      • What is the weather forecast for today in Alice Springs, Australia?
      • Where did the two most recent earthquakes occur and what was their magnitude?
      • What is the current population of Pennsylvania?
      • Find the answer to this mathematical problem 1 + 10 * 45 ^2 -251
      • The definition of the word Hegemony
      • Time for the Google Scavenger Hunt! Click here to get the file (time permitting)
Working with filetype and refining results
  • Advanced Search
    • Safe Search
    • Narrowing Results (form options, timeline, wonderwheel)
    • Better Quality Results (filetypes: pdf, ppt)
    • More Credible Results (by domain)
    • ACTIVITY: Together let's research the Taj Mahal, following the above protocol to find more specific information
    • ACTIVITY #2: Perform your own specialized search of a topic within your content area. See if you can find a credible and useful pdf, word document, or powerpoint
Even More Searching

  • Specialized Searching
  • Custom Search Engine
  • Screencast for Creating a Custom Search Engine.
    • Activity (Time Permitting): Create a Custom Search Engine for Your Site
      With a small group, choose a topic to research - preferably something relevant to your staff or students.
      Create a custom search engine focused on the topic.
      Use the other specialized search tools above to locate quality resources related to the topic.
      Populate the custom search engine with the quality resources you find.
      Share the custom search engine with the Lead Learner. A link to each CSE will be added below.


Copy of Preso-Search-GTA-part-2

Resources, resources, and more resources

The Crib Sheets:

Google News

Bonus: Posters for your classroom.

The Tools:

Web Search

Multimedia Search support

More Search Tools for Teachers

Language Search Tools

Custom Search Engine

Mrs. Gray's Research for Kids

Ken Shelton's copyright-friendly image search

Directing Learning with Google Custom Search
by November Learning (PDF)

Rushton Hurley's Asian News Custom Search
Search Curriculum

Mobile Search

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