Google Sites

What I've been using all day to organize and store our resources has been a Google Site!

"Crib Sheet" for Google Sites

Google Sites by Molly Schroeder

Templates for Sites

Help Using Templates

Google Sites "Cheat Sheets" by Molly Schroeder

Some fantastic resources from last month's GWE in South Dakota (thanks to Christine Archer-Davison, Ken Shelton, and Mark Wagner)

Activity: Create YOUR Site

A few questions . . . .

Would you be more likely to create sites to use with your students or to have students create their own sites?

What would you create a site for?

For what purpose(s) might you have students create sites?

Create your own site.  Be clear about the following:
  • Who is your audience?  For what purpose(s) will they use your site?
  • What is the subject matter to be covered or approached using this site?
  • What types of media or other apps might you embed in your site?  (Why?)
  • What is the benefit of using a Google Site for this, rather than some other tool?

Using Google Apps for ePortfolios

Ken Shelton's Class website and e-portfolio graphic (page hierarchy)