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Youtube Channel setup guide

How To Create A You Tube Channel
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Use the power of video to capture attention

Finding good videos
  • YouTube - a little or a lot of everything, including tons of good tutorials
  • WatchKnow - none of their own, but embedded links to educational videos on other sites
  • Next Vista for Learning - my site; free, screened, student audience videos by and for teachers and students
  • SchoolTube - free media sharing website for educators
  • TeacherTube - site for educational videos, heavy on advertisements
  • Library of Congress - good source of historical videos (focused on the USA)

Using these videos and those from YouTube
  • Zamzar - free, online file converter; can help you download YouTube videos
    use media from above sites to teach kids to identify quality and plan effectively for making their own pieces

Making good videos
  • Plenty of free tools
    • Creative Commons Search - sets filters to grab copyright-friendly content from a number of sites
    • Flickr - advanced search page for this photo sharing site; choose Creative Commons content options
    • Morguefile - photo sharing site with all material copyright-friendly and of good size for multimedia
    • PodSafeAudio - copyright-friendly music sharing site; choose "By Genre" to find appropriate material
    • Jamendo - another copyright-friendly music sharing site
    • Partners In Rhyme - free sound effects (note the difference between "free" and "royalty free")
    • Aviary - photo editing, web templates, and more, done online
  • Putting video content on sharing sites, or in Google Video in Apps

Activity Time!

Watch Multiply by Nines

How do we help students and colleagues share the insights that make learning easier and more engaging for everyone?  What do you have with you right now you could use to make a video?  What would you need to make it all the more creative and/or visually compelling for those who would learn from it?

Project possibilities

Resources on information and groups

  • Audacity - great software for editing audio files, creating podcasts, etc. (something of a learning curve)
  • Irfan View - graphics conversion and cropping program
  • CoolIris - create visually compelling photo walls to prompt discussion (good for vocabulary)
  • Photo Story - download page for the free slideshow program from Microsoft (yup, free from Microsoft!)
  • VLC Media Player - good tool for handling all kinds of formats and codecs
Apps Notes

Google Video must be active in the Apps account ("Add more services"), and those who upload must be listed in the Video Uploaders field.
Jun 23, 2010, 12:19 AM