Google Calendar Help

Things to do:
  • Create an Event
  • Create a class calendar
  • Add another calendar
  • Share a calendar
  • Embed a calendar
  • Import Calendars
  • Sync Calendars

GWE Ottawa - Calendar

Google How-to
Embed Google Calendars
Embed Multiple Google Calendars
Embed Multiple Google Calendars in Google Sites

You can even sync with Other Calendars
Sync Google Calendar with Outlook
Sync Google Calendar with iCal

Even More

YouTube Video

See the entire "How To Use Google Calendar" playlist on YouTube (for Google Apps users).
See also the Google Calendar videos in this Google Tutorials playlist.
Google Calendar Presentation Page by GCT Danny Silva.

GWE Ottawa Agenda

To add the calendar above to your GAFE calendar, add the following link:

  • 1. Click the Add down-arrow button at the bottom of the calendar list on the left side of the page, and select Add by URL.
  • 2. Paste the link above into the field.
  • 3. Click Add Calenar.
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