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Overview: Google Maps: 51 Shapes Activities in Paris

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Activity:  My Maps

Go to this Custom Map. 

Add some custom points of interest.  Write a short witty phrase about how and why that place is important.  
Find those places on Google Maps, label them with an appropriate icon. 

Creative Commons: Try finding your images here!  They are all appropriate-use!

1) A place you've always wanted to go
2) The school where you teach 
3) A place you could reference in your curriculum
4) A place where you've eaten your best meal
5) A place where you've had a great adventure

Bonus Points:  Add pictures, videos, and interesting icons

  Google Earth

If you don't have Google Earth now you can watch for now and download it here later.  

Overview: Google Earth
Convert our My Map to a Google Earth file and explore.  
View My Map in Google Earth
Timeline - Haiti
Classroom Applications


Google My Map - Rubric

GWE - St. Paul

My Maps Instructions

My Maps Tutorial

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Curriculum Integration Ideas
Pre-School Classroom 
Lower School Classroom (Grades 1-5)  
Middle School Classroom (Grades 6-8)  
Upper School Classroom (Grades 9-12)
AP Courses 

Classroom Projects:
Here are some collaborative projects we have already started.  We are always looking for other classes to join us.  Check us out and join in at any time. 
American Explorers -,-96.240234&spn=37.880586,59.589844&t=h&z=4&om=1  
Clean Watersheds - 
Environmental I-Reports - 
Expedition Lit Trips - 
Google Lit Trips - 
How to build a Lit Trip - 
Map Your Clean Up - 
Our Lost Children - 
Poetry of Place -
Trace Your Trash -
Earth Science in My Maps:,-23.203125&spn=143.093947,360&z=2
Real World Math:

For fun:  Plug-in Required:
Land the Eagle from Apollo 11:
Share a Google Earth image in your web browser:
Turns Google Earth into an interactive game:
Driving Simulator:
Monster Milktruck:

Interested in Design or Engineering?  Try Google Sketchup!