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Google Scavanger Hunt

In pairs, please find answers to as many of the following prompts as possible.  The goal is to not only find the answer, but to find them in the LEAST number of Google Searches.  Please talk through each search with your partner before searching, and then record on a separate document EACH search term you use, as well as how many searches each question required.  There is no reason to do these in order.  Go after the ones you find most interesting.

Open Scavenger Hunt as a Google Doc (feel free to download)

After 15 minutes we will come back together as a group and compare our various search strategies as a group.
    • 3456 + 78091 =
    • 700000 / 89 =
    • What is 33% of 34,567?
    • How many inches are in 5 miles?
    • How many minutes are in 40 years?
    • What's the equivalent of $20 in the currency of the Czech Republic?
    • Name a movie and where it's playing in the 55410 zip code.
    • What is patent 20030095096 for?
    • What is the price of Electronic Arts stock today?
    • What's the population of Miami, Florida?
    • How tall is Shaquille O'Neill?
    • What's the predicted weather for Beverly Hills tomorrow?
    • What time is it in Beijing, China?
    • What time is it in Johannesburg, South Africa?
    • What is score of the last game played by your favorite in-season sports team?
    • List three books written by Erin Hunter.
    • Correct the spelling of Misisippi.
    • Are there any comic book stores located in your local area? If so, how many?
    • List a G-rated movie currently playing in the 55424 zip code.
    • Where is American Airlines flight 177 taking off from and landing?

    Further Activities/Discussions
    • Explore both the Wonder Wheel and the Timeline options.  When might these be valuable for students?
    • How might you use Google Custom Search with your students? What sites would you include? How would you find related sites to add in the future?
    • Begin adding books to your own bookshelf.  How might you use this with your classes?  How might your students use Google Books to aid their research?
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    Google Presentation

    Google Presentation

    Creating a Custom Search Engine

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