Build a "Proof of Concept Site" using Google Tools

This activity will be a continuation of the Sites Activity you started yesterday. 

We'd like for you to build a "proof of concept" site incorporating some of the Google tools that we covered in the past two days.   

**When you're done, submit your site on the form to the right!**

Some Ideas to consider:

  • Incorporate a map of the places you'd like to visit around the area.
  • Add a Doc as a "blog" for the activities you plan on doing.
  • Add video from historical places near your location.
  • Create a Google Earth file that you can share with others about your journey.
  • Add a PicasaWeb album showing the journey of your trip.
  • Use Google Translate to translate some common phrases you'll need on your trip.
  • Create a custom search engine for place, and add it to your site. 
  • Is there anything in the 3D Warehouse you can use in the site?
  • Will you have commenting available?
  • How will you share this site with others?
  • Create a custom logo for your page.
  • What gadgets can you add to your site?

A Starting Point!

  • Who is your audience?  For what purpose(s) will they use your site?
  • What is the subject matter to be covered or approached using this site?
  • What types of media or other apps might you embed in your site?  (Why?)
  • What is the benefit of using a Google Site for this, rather than some other tool?


  • Were you able to add the things that would help someone better understand your subject? 
  • If it were a prospective traveler, would he or she want to join in your adventure?
  • Consider what it would be like to create a Site for an individual class. 
  • What kind of work do your students do that could benefit from using a Site?
  • How would you designate the "ownership" of the site?

GCT Produced Resources

Exemplar Google Sites

Please share your "Proof of Concept" Site with us!