"Do or do not, there is no try!" 

ACTIVITY: Create a Custom Search Engine:
  • In a group, create your own Custom Search for yourself, your students, or your colleagues.
  • Add a couple of your favorite sites for search.
  • Add a collaborator or two..or ten!

Questions for Group Discussion:
  1. When might you use the Wonder Wheel or Time Line with students?
  2. What are some of the best search strategies you'd like to share with your students? 
  3. How can you (with Google's Guidance) help your students with ISTE Nets?
  4. What tools have you seen in search that can help with EL Students?

Standards Covered in This Topic

NETS Covered in this topic:
NETS-T 1.a.
NETS-T 1.b.
NETS-T 2.a.
NETS-A 2.c
NETS-A 2.d
NETS-T 3.d.
NETS-T 4.a.
NETS-T 4.b.
NETS-A 5.b.
NETS-T 5.c.

Kentucky Standards Covered in this topic:
KY Teacher Standard 1.1.
KY Teacher Standard 1.3.
KY Teacher Standard 3.5
KY Teacher Standard 6.1.
KY Teacher Standard 6.5.

Check out the Google Doc (more detail)

Assessment Questions

Google Search Assessment.

Even More Resources:

The Crib Sheets
Web Search

  • Search Features (Check out even more with Exploring Search)
  • Don't forget to learn the Google Operators like Define: and others.
  • Google Search Basics
  • Web Search Help
  • Advanced Search
  • Calculator Functions
  • Language Tools

  • Specialized Search  (handy research tools!)

    Book Search

  • Scholar Search - Support
    • Don't miss the "cited by" feature, Legal Opinions and Journal Radio Button!
    Blog Search  - Support 
    Google Squared - Support
    Create a Custom Search - Support

    News Search

    News Search  - Support
  • News AlertsSupport
  • NewsTimeline (Google Labs)
    Google Fast Flip (Google Labs)
    • Great for mobile devices
    • Check out their sources

    Multimedia Search

    Video Search - Support
    Audio Indexing (from Google Labs) - Support
    Map Search - Support

    Mobile Search

    Google Mobile

    Google SMS

    • Just text a search to 466453 (Google)
    Google 411

    Other Great Search Stuff