See how this 3D rendering program can help your curriculum.

Google Sketchup

    •    Overview of the Program
    •    Creating objects (in 2D and 3D)
    •    Examples
    •    Live Demo
    •    Even More

QUESTION:  How could students in your class use Google Sketchup?

Standards Covered in This Topic

NETS Covered in this topic:
NETS-T 1.b.
NETS-T 1.c.
NETS-T 1.d.
NETS-T 3.a.

Kentucky Standards Covered in this topic:

KY Teacher Standard 1.4.
KY Teacher Standard 4.5.
KY Teacher Standard 6.3.
KY Teacher Standard 8.3.
Kentucky Student, Geometry, Grade 7, Standard 3
Kentucky Student, Grade 8, Geometry, 1
Kentucky Student, Grade 8, Geometry, 2

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Assessment Questions.

Google Sketchup Assessment.



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