Welcome and Introductions

GWE KY - Welcome

Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.

  1. Turn to the person next to and talk about what innovation and learning means to you. (You have 2 minutes.)
  2. Click on this link and type in two words that describe innovation and one word that represents learning to you.
  3. Wait patiently for everyone in the room to have a chance to complete the form. Feel free to look at the responses as they come in.
  4. Check out what our group thinks of innovation collectively using a word cloud gadget and Google Forms.

Our Driving Questions

1. What free and educationally beneficial services are available from Google?
2. How will you use Google services as a teacher?
3. How will your students use Google services?

Google Almanac - A Google Site Created by GTCs (Kyle Brumbaugh, Jerome Burg, Cheryl Davis, & Kathleen Ferenz) for the GTA

Googlepedia - Another good reference book to use when teaching particular applications.
Google Aps Tutorial
Google Channels on YouTube
Looking to use Google Apps with your school?  Check out the instructions on this site by GCT Scott Meech.

Keep Track of Changes with

Google Twitter Feeds
Google Blog Posts

GTA Resources:
NECC GCT Lessons
Please Create a Google Account before our workshop.
  • Google Accounts can be made using any email address.
  • Gmail Accounts are already Google Accounts (but not all Google Accounts are Gmail accounts).
  • Associate other email accounts with your Google Account!

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