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Activity 1: How might Google Forms be valuable to an educator?

In a small group, create a form to illustrate your answer.
Publish the file and add the lead learner as a collaborator. Links to the files will be added below.
One member of each small group will present the file to the large group.

Activity 2: Create a self-grading quiz!

In a small group, create a three question quiz using a Google Form.
Solicit sample answers from other participants.
Create an IF formula for each question to "grade" the question. (Each IF formula needs to be in a new column.)
Fill Down so that the IF formulas you've written can "grade" all the responses at once!
Advanced: Create a SUM formula to total up the total score for each person that took the quiz. Then create another formula to calculate the percentage. Finally, create a nested IF formula to convert the percentages to letter grades!
Time Permitting: Share your quiz with the lead learner. Links to the quizes will be added below.

Activity 3: Forms for Teacher Observation or Data Collection

Create a form for collecting data. Examples include:
  • A Teacher (or Student) Observation Form
  • A WASC Data Collection Form
  • An Awards Nomination Form
  • A Professional Development Evaluation
  • A Staff or Community Survey
  • A PLC Team Meeting Form
    • Attendance
    • Team Smart Goal
    • Strategies and Action Steps
    • Responsibilities
    • Timeline
    • Evidence of Effectiveness
  • Advanced: A Self-Grading Quiz
Mock up a "proof-of-concept" to illustrate something you might actually implement.
Send the "live form" link to colleagues so they can fill out your form.
Share the results with colleagues or publish them as a web page.
Optional: Create (and publish) charts of the results.
Add the lead learner as a collaborator.
One member of each small group will present the form to the large group.

More Sample Uses of Google Docs Forms (for Administrators)

Sample Forms (and Spreadsheets) Used By Administrators:
Resources for Administrators Using Google Forms (from GCT Jason Borgen at
Additional GCT Resources for Administrators:
Even More Ideas...
Additional Resources (from GCT Erica Hartman and other GCTs

Using Google Forms to Create a Quiz

Using Google Forms to Create a Quiz

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