Bringing it all together with Sites

The Tool: Google Sites
The Crib Sheet: Google Sites
Ideas for Teachers


Exemplar Google Sites:


Creating a Site

Editing a Site

Our Activity: Start Building Your Own Site
Create a Site 
  • Click on Sites at the top of your domain page and then click CREATE!
  • It should be a quick mock-up as a proof-of-concept that you can use when you return to work.
Consider some of the following: 
  • Who is your audience?
    • Will you use it in your classroom?
    • The audience can be students, parents, or colleagues
  • Who can you collaborate with?  
    • Grade level teachers?
  • Will it be an informational page(static) or a working page (dynamic)?
Extra Mile:
  • Create links to professional and personal information.
  • Embed a document you created during the Google Docs segment. 
  • Play with embedding (Insert>) lots of Google Tools

Out of Control:

    Use these tools to create a Banner