Kern Kelley's Sessions on Google Apps at the GTA in DC:
Session 1 (Introduction)
Session 2 (For Adminstrators)

Big "A" Apps and little "a" apps. (Apps for your domain and consumer apps.)
Google Apps and Google Apps: Education Edition
Benefits and Potential Concerns

Getting Started
More From Google For Educators
Successful Deployments for Educational Institutions

Now with Google Message Security for free!
See also: Security Whitepaper

Integrate Google Apps with Moodle!
Integrate Google Apps with Active Directory!
Note: Google Apps can also integrate with Wikispaces.

For hard(er) core Google Apps deployment questions, start here:

Demonstration (Time Permitting)

Additional Resources

Why Google Apps in Education?

Teachers and Principals Talk about Google Docs

More videos about Google Apps: Education Edition on YouTube (including recorded webinars).