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Authentic and Practical Collaboration
Getting Started
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The "Do" 

More Activities

Objective: Create a comprehensive list of ADJECTIVES describing our group.
Important: You are responsible for your row, and your row only. No helping your neighbor.
  1. Choose a vacant row
  2. Add your name
  3. Use the alphabetic column headings to write ADJECTIVES that describe your personality
  4. Observe other people’s rows
  5. Try and be original, if an ADJECTIVE is taken, think of another.
Ready? Go!

Small Group Activity: Docs in Action

Each team will be assigned one of the following tasks:  

  • Doc: Write an essay or epic poem about your favorite teachers (or students) (bonus pts for including images)
  • Presentation: Create a visual presentation about what you would do with a million dollars (bonus points for multimedia)
  • Spreadsheet: Create a spreadsheet of 5 different fun stats on the people in your group (bonus points for creating a chart or graph)
  • Draw: Create a diagram explaining a process of some sort.
The Details
  1. Choose a team leader and have that person create and share the document with the other members of the team.
  2. Make sure you share the doc with everyone on your team and also with
  3. Teams have 10 minutes to collaboratively complete the task.
  4. One member of each small group will present the file to the large group in 2 min or less.

Even More...

Large Group Brainstorm

Follow this link to the NEW version of docs and respond to the prompt: How can you immediately use Docs?

Introducing the NEW Docs

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