The Crib Sheets:
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Web Search
Multimedia Search
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Copy of Preso-Search-GTA-part-2

Web Search Activities:
  • Using Search Operators (modifiers)
 Weather Death Valley, California
 Time in Cape Town, South Africa
 Movies 75501 dollars to rand
 Chinese food 75501 GOOG
 define: ort MacBook laptop $500..$900
 AA 7 Texas Rangers

  • Use the Google Wonder Wheel to help you narrow down your search terms on an upcoming curricular unit
    • Sample topic "Taj Mahal"
  • Use Advanced Search to find a copyright friendly resource to use with one of your classes.
  • Using Google Insights for Search compare trends in searches in the US to another country and determine why there is a difference. 
    • Sample topic to search "Gulf Oil Spill"
Multimedia Search Suggested Activities:
  • Find a black and white image that's labeled for reuse to download on to your computer. Some suggested searches include:
    • Falls
    • Fruit
    • Texas
  • Create your own Search Story

Specialized Search Suggested Activities:
  • Find a book you have recently read (or are currently reading) and add it to your Google Books library.)
  • Use Google Squared to collect data on something you will be teaching in the fall. Design three questions to asked based on the data you collect.
  • Try the Advanced Scholar search to locate a relevant article by publishing date or author.

More Search Tools for Teachers Suggested Activities:

  • Create a Custom Search Engine using websites that you already have collected or those from this Google Doc.
  • Browse through the modules in the Search Education lessons to see which parts apply to the students and educators you work with.